On your mark, get set, STOP CHILD LABOUR!

On your mark, get set, STOP CHILD LABOUR!

World Day Against Child Labour 2018 focuses on safety and health for young workers and fighting hazardous child labour. Young people above the legal age have the right to work, but their health and safety must be ensured. ILO research has shown that without protection, young workers are at risk of devastating and lasting consequences on their physical, cognitive and behavioural development, robbing them of the opportunity to grow and thrive.

In Tanzania, where over 4 million children are involved in child labour, this year’s World Day Against Child Labour will be used as a platform to promote decent work for young workers. ECLT is supporting celebrations taking place in Sikonge District were the Foundation has reached over 9,500 children since 2013.

Practical solutions have been found to reach as many people as possible to convey the message for safe and healthy working conditions. Christopher Luyenge, ECLT’s local consultant explained, “In Tanzania, the level of literacy is not very high, so the best way is to convey messages through generations is through oral tradition and sport”.

Football and netball competitions are on the agenda to gather young people and share messages about child labour and safety during breaks. Music and dance performances will deliver messages about child labour and making farms safer places to work.

Christopher continues: “There is a lack of awareness on the use of personal protection equipment in tobacco-growing communities and we are now looking to convey the message in the best way so that it reaches as many people as possible”. The celebrations will bring together communities, children, families, businesses and officials from all levels of government.

So, this 12th of June, on your mark, get set, STOP CHILD LABOUR! Join the conversation online using #GenerationSafeAndHealthy.

The events are being organized as part of ECLT’s broader work in Tanzania. For more information visit: www.eclt.org/impact/tanzania

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