Job Skills Training for a Better Future

Job Skills Training for a Better Future

There are 14 million young people in Latin America are unemployed or working but living in poverty. Helping teens prepare to enter the work force and make a living is an important tool to help turn child labour into decent work for youth.

In La Maquina, Guatemala, the ECLT Foundation works with DNI Costa Rica, and local communities to help young people enter the job market. This year a training and internship programme was launched giving young people decent work opportunities and drawing them away from child labour. 12 companies offered internships in a wide range of institutions including at the Ministry of Labour, banks, renewable energy companies, the Chamber of Commerce and business centres, to name but a few.

This month the first group of 23 secondary school students graduated from internships with skills to better access the local job markets. They are a step closer to realising their dream job. The young people also attended workshops and researched entrepreneurship in their local area. Here is what some of the children said about what they to be when they grow up.

ECLT's work in Guatemala

For more information about ECLT's work in Guatemala visit our Impact Website

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