2018 Wrap Up: Innovation for impact in the fight against child labour

2018 had been a busy year for ECLT focusing on impactful and innovative solutions in the fight against child labour.

Reaching New Horizons

This year, for the first time ever, youth participants spoke at the UN Forum on Business and Human Rights. Marta and Olman, from La Maquina in Guatemala, are beneficiaries of the EEMPATA project, designed to give young people the skills and opportunities to access decent work and a better job market. Speaking at two events, Marta and Olman shared the realities of child labour in agriculture, effective solutions and their hopes for the future with thousands across the globe.

In Indonesia, a unique Partnership in Action Against Child Labour in Agriculture was officially launched. The first meeting, bringing together local, national and international stakeholders was held in a commitment to bring long-lasting change for agricultural communities across the country, with a special focus on East Java and Lombok.

Keeping Kids in School for a Brighter Future

Supporting access to quality education is key in the fight against child labour. ECLT has continued to support school infrastructure and materials to encourage both enrolment and retention of children living in tobacco-growing communities. This year, ECLT built bridges in Malawi linking communities to local schools medical. In Uganda, solar lamps were provided to help with homework completion and school performance.

A Pathway to Achieving Decent Work

Job skills training not only keeps children in education and out of fields, but also provides them with what they need to access job markets and improve their futures. Projects in Mozambique, Guatemala, Tanzania and Uganda are helping hundreds of children realise their true potential. Training in mechanics, computing, tailoring, better farming practices and carpentry makes young people more qualified to find decent work.

Thank you

A special thank you to all project staff and partners around the world for their support in making this possible and for their commitment to eliminate child labour. The ECLT Foundation looks forward to continuing to find collaborative solutions to improve the lives of children and families in rural communities where tobacco is grown.

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