In 2014, ECLT began a small project in the La Maquina District, in Southwestern Guatemala, focusing on primary and secondary education.

The project aims to facilitate greater access to decent work opportunities for youth through new vocational training, and to create a replicable action model to support other communities

. The programme is now entering its fourth phase and is expected to continue until 2019

1. Supporting Primary School Children with After-School Programmes

In La Maquina District, many children involved in child labour underachieve at school. To address this challenge, ECLT’s project supports 78 boys and girls, ages 6 to 16, with after school programmes. For four hours every week, the youth receive instruction from four teachers who help them catch up on schoolwork and gain confidence in their learning. ECLT also supports after school programmes during the holiday period, in November and December, when children are more vulnerable to returning to child labour.

“Last year, we enrolled 80 students in secondary school and provided them with support and access to complementary technical and educational training to increase their chances of employment or help them create their own enterprise.”

- Virginia Murillo, Executive President of Defensa de Niñas y Niños - Internacional Costa Rica, ECLT Foundation’s partner in La Maquina, Guatemala.

2. Strengthening Secondary Education with a Teleschool (Telesecundaria) and Vocational Training

In 2016, ECLT organised an important football tournament to identify teenagers who lack access to secondary education. Following the event, 80 youths enrolled in school. ECLT also supported the creation of a teleschool, and provided desks, TV screens, computers, internet access and electricity. This has supported the teenagers to complete their education and study core school subjects.

ECLT will launch a vocational training in 2017-18, designed to address the needs of the local labour market and help teenagers find decent work opportunities.


The Telesecundaria: Providing Education to Children with Teleschool